About Bioved

"Our Goal is to Enrich Consumers Lives by Supporting Their Health and Wellness Through

Discovery and Validation of

Sustainable and Safe Natural Products" 



Bioved Pharmaceuticals is a product development company that discovers, develops and clinically validates plant based dietary supplements, OTC products and nutraceuticals for hard to diseases that require long-term supplementation and maintenance. Our love of natural products comes from our love of Ayurveda and the proven treatments it has given the world over the centuries. Bioved's expertise lies within taking the best of what Ayurveda has to offer and combining it with our discovery platform to create safe and effective products using sustainable plants that can be replanted and harvested in a timely fashion.

Our leading products are available in  many countries throughout the world with a 20 year history of successfully marketing and distribution in countries that trust our brand and believe in our mission.