ARTREX Joint Support Tablet & Joint Pain Cream

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About the Product:
Combo package which offers short and long-term solutions to maintaining symptoms of pain
Proven in clinical studies, Innovative herbal supplement using extensive knowledge in Ayurveda and combining that with modern science, Standardized in bone and joint health to Bioved's exact specifications maintaining an effective and safe product
Tablets 2 Twice a Day/ Cream Apply 3-4 Times Daily
120ct Tablets and 2oz Topical Cream

ARTREX® Combo Relief Pack is a combination of short and long-term solution from joint related symptoms. Consumers are getting Bioved's Tablets which offer a long-term alternative to products that are proven to work but over time are bad for the body. ARTREX® Tablets are different because it works in harmony with the body's natural defenses with promoting health joints and a stronger immune system.

ARTREX® Cream is a topical OTC that penetrates the skin quickly and allows the natural active ingredients to work fast and provide hours of relief pain and inflammation. ARTREX® Cream is a combination of ingredients made from high grade essential oils married to a non-greasy/non-staining cream base.


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