ARTREX Tablets

Bioved Pharmaceuticals create products using our proprietary extraction process which allows for more efficacious products without compromising the ingredients and the way nature intended for them to supplement the body. ARTREX® is Bioved's lead and most prominent product. It has established a safety and efficacy profile through extensive clinical trials and long-term sales to our core consumers all over the world for 15+ years. ARTREX® is a multi-component blend of extracts from four well known plants developed using Bioved's expertise in Ayurveda and Modern  Medicine. ARTREX® Tablets work in harmony to supplement the body's natural defenses against joint symptoms by providing a product with standardized and purified ingredients, which we guarantee to be at the highest level of consistency and potency. Clinical studies continue to show proven results for a safe and extremely effective short and long-term product. ARTREX® truly is a product which has been "Inspired by Nature and Proven by Science"

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