About Us

Bioved is a ‘Discovery Platform’ for safe and effective, natural, plant-based, scientifically validated nutraceuticals and Over The Counter products from the science of Ayurveda.


The unique blend of experienced physicians and researchers makes the Management very strong and uniquely aligned towards our vision of developing natural products for difficult to treat disorders. The team has solid core understanding and values of science and technology, applying modern medicine and biotechnology testing tools to ancient sciences. Unique research capabilities allow the Company to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing nutraceutical and phyto-pharmaceutical markets and to stringent regulatory requirements.

Our lead products are successfully marketed in many countries of the world including the United States, Canada, Inaand several countries in Asia-Pacific. Our proof of concept is validated by rapid and continued acceptance by both physicians as well as consumers in these countries, some for the last 15+ years.

Ayurveda and Bioved


The human race evolved phenomenally over the last few thousand years. Medical science also progressed substantially, with newer chemicals and technologies to address most of the common ailments. But, in more recent times, modern medicine has met with significant challenges in the cost of development of new molecules, limitations of therapy and significant side effects.

Ayurveda (The Knowledge of Life) comes from one of the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world, India. Detailed text books, written as early as 4,500 years ago, give amazing information on medical conditions and offer a whole range of therapies, for a wide variety of diseases, with the help of an impressive armament of medicinal plants and minerals. Considerable work has been done over the centuries in this science to define the specific therapies for specific diseases, as described in modern medicine. Ayurveda describes in detail the medicinal values of various plants, herbs and trees. But the non-standard nature of the ancient knowledge makes it difficult for modern medicine to prepare a universal solution. Bioved is dedicated to deciphering this ancient knowledge using modern medical technologies; and developing solutions that are validated to prescription levels. Through our research and understanding, we are committed to improving human health and Quality of Life, especially in the aging population.

We take the fundamental knowledge of Ayurveda, utilize an accelerated screening methodology, and establish very rapidly the specific plants to be targeted. This gives the Company tremendous confidence in choosing the right plant/s and a significant leap in the discovery process. Further, since the safety parameters are already established, both over centuries of use and documentation, our scientists can develop parallel (not sequential) activities to establish safety and efficacy in the identified phyto-pharmaceutical. Using Bioved's proprietary N/Rx® Platform, full validation is conducted to establish the safety and efficacy in chemistry, standardization, in-vitro cell line studies for efficacy and safety, along with in-vivo pharmacology and toxicology, and human clinical trials.

There are over a hundred chemical substances that have been derived from plants for use as drugs and medicines. Drugs such as digitalis for cardiac disorders, atropine an anti-cholinergic, reserpine for high blood pressure, vincristine, vinblastine and paclitaxel for chemotherapy; and numerous other modern pharmaceuticals have their origin from plants. Bioved technology is to keep the plant or its medicinal part in natural form, isolate the bio-active fraction by a US patented and proprietary method, and then complete the full spectrum of testing at world class standards. This ensures novel and unique ‘composition of matter’ with characterization of the component molecules; and scientific validation to create solutions that meet the needs of a global population.